sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Paola:Good morning.
Lorena:Hello, good morning.

Paola:what's your name?
Lorena:Lorena Perez

Paola:can you spell your name.
Lorena:L-O-R-E-N-A, what's your name?

Paola:My name's Paola.
Lorena:What is your last name?

Paola:Paola Diaz.
Lorena:How do you spell Diaz.

Lorena:What is your job?

Paola:I am a student.
Lorena:it's great!

Paola:What about you?
Lorena:I am student too.

Lorena:Can you introduce your friends.

Paola:This is Karla.
Lorena:Nice to meet you.

Karla:Nice to meet you too.
Lorena:Where are you from?

Paola:I'm from Tlaxcala.
Lorena:Where is you father from?

Paola:He is from Tlaxcala, do you have pets?
Lorena:Yes i do.

Paola:How do they look like.
Lorena:That is big, brown and charmin are dogs.

Paola:Oooh, Greit!!!
Lorena:What do mother do job a living?

Paola:She is teacher.
Paola:What is your astrology?


Paola:What the scorpio is like?

Lorena:Is beatiful, charmin, happy and nice.
Lorena:What's you atar sing?

Lorena:What the aries like?

Paola:Is confortable and charmin.
Lorena:Good, see you later.

Paola:Ok, Bye.
Lorena:Good Bye.

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